About VMG

The VideoMarketingGuy podcast is an audio discussion designed to help non-pros do their own DIY marketing, training, and demo videos for their web presence. It’s specifically not for video pros. It’s for bootstrap entrepreneurs who know how valuable video can be when it comes to really connecting with your target market using the web.

on-setWhen you want to learn about a topic, it’s good when you can find a teacher who has done the thing you want to learn. And some of the best teachers are the people who love what they do so much, that they are still doing it successfully, while they teach. We call these people mentors or coaches, and if you can find one that’s doing what you want to do, you need to take advantage of him or her. Learn from the pros.

There’s no question that Larry Becker is great at creating and producing online videos that connect with the target audience. But Larry is also a writer and onscreen talent. He works for a multi-million dollar media company that has million and billion dollar clients, and he crafts messages and communicates with an audience through videos. Then after hours, Larry loves helping people who are just getting started with video marketing.

He explains it this way, “Imagine a Formula 1 pro driver and mechanic who loves working on and driving cars so much, that he hangs out in his garage every weekend helping his neighbors work on their daily drivers. That’s me. — I get to do first rate, multi-camera video productions on sets with teams of lighting pros, directors, videographers, makeup artists, and editors. But I love helping people who aren’t in the video business professionally, to look and sound good in their own web videos.”

VMG-Podcast-MasterThe other thing Larry loves is small business and entrepreneurship. On his 60 minute commute (twice daily) he listens to business podcasts. And that’s why he came up with the VideoMarketingGuy podcast. He loves the free podcasts he listens to and learns from, and he wanted to share his knowledge about creating successful, web-based marketing videos, with an audience looking for that kind of information.