A Few of Larry’s “Talking Head” Videos

PSWorldInsightIn 2013 Larry was the featured spokesperson for a series of promotional videos for the annual Photoshop World convention. The videos were entitled PhotoshopWorld InSight. Larry knows the topic area especially well so he worked with bullets on a dry-erase board just off camera. There was no prompter or script for these videos. Here’s a link to the collection.


Larry was one of two hosts for a video podcast called DTownTV about photography and some tips and tricks for taking better photos and gear that is best for various needs. Here’s a link to one of hundreds of episodes featuring Larry. Note that this is a multi-camera shoot and the on-screen talent addresses one of several cameras. Look for camera switches, lighting, microphone placement on Larry and his cohost. Pay attention to how Larry looks at Pete while he’s talking so the audience is helped to look at Pete, and watch how, when Larry gets into an explanation on a camera tip, he starts looking at the close-up camera.

teleprompter-overviewOne of the early training series Larry did for B&H several years ago, was a 4 part video series about teleprompters. This series is hosted and viewable on Vimeo. One of the reasons this may be of some interest is because of the topic of teleprompters itself, but also because it’s unlike the typical set we’re used to seeing Larry work from. In this case, Larry is on set with a half dozen prompters and no desk or other props.

And of course, here’s Larry’s original Welcome video for the site and podcast…