Who Is VMG For?

The audience for Larry’s VideoMarketingGuy podcast is anybody in business, who is not a video pro, but who wants to learn about connecting with an audience through video.

blank-avatar2The target audience is a small business owner or employee who knows their company needs video to connect with their web audience, but who may not have the multi-thousand dollar budget to hire a production company every time they need a new video. Maybe they need to show off or demo their products or services. Maybe they need to create training videos because training helps cut down customer service calls and good training videos can help with sales. People are more willing to buy when they can see what they’re getting into.

Can video pros listen? Sure. They might even learn a bit about script writing or what it’s like to be a face on camera. But the lighting, sound, and basics of video capture will usually be too basic for film school grads and working videographers. That’s because the show and gear discussions are targeted for an audience who is in business, but not in the video business.

The audio and video gear, along with the lighting gear and editing software we’ll cover on the VideoMarketingGuy podcast, are ideal for non-pros who want to create professional looking videos. On the other hand, this gear is probably more basic than most video pros care to learn about.